The Story Behind Hacienda Riogordo

From a cozy drink in Amersfoort to a sun-drenched hacienda in Andalusia. Discover Hacienda Riogordo, where four friends bring their dream to life and invite you to join in the enjoyment.

About Us

Now that we’ve collectively made memories for over 25 years, we’ve embarked on our greatest adventure. The idea for Hacienda Riogordo was born during a cozy drink in a backyard in Amersfoort. Natalie and Menno, the culinary souls, and Harmke and Rudolf, the organizational and handy forces, decided not to wait until retirement. From now on, we will continue our lives in sunny Spain. Here, away from the Dutch climate, we want to let our guests experience a piece of our paradise.

Over ons

Our Hospitality

At Hacienda Riogordo, it’s all about choice and comfort. Want some company? Great, we often cook for all guests. Prefer some privacy? No problem, the Hacienda is large enough for everyone to find their own little paradise.

The Magic of Our Hacienda

Hacienda Riogordo is not just a place; it’s an experience. Located in the heart of Andalusia, our place offers a perfect mix of tranquility, culture, and nature. Whether you feel like taking a walk to the local bakery or diving into our spacious pool, our hacienda has it all.

De magie van Hacienda Riogordo
Meer dan een Bed and Breakfast

More Than a B&B

We’re not just four friends running a B&B; we’re a top team. Whether Menno and Rudolf are organizing a barbecue, or Harmke and Natalie are helping you plan the perfect day, we want you to feel as at home here as we do!